How to Avoid the Misuse and Fraud of Credit Cards?

With the increase in the use of online transactions, people have started using the credit cards for making payments of different purchases. Almost every person has 1-2 debit and credit cards in their pocket. With the increase in the use of debit and credit cards, the chances of frauds have also been increased.

Most of the people use credit cards without having full knowledge about its use and misuse. Misuse of these cards may ruin your life as it is a serious crime to misuse them. It can lead you to jail and big fines as well, so think before you use. Most of the banks have made strict rules regarding the credit cards and their limits. But due to the loopholes, people misuse the credit cards.

The main question that arises is that “After the misuse of credit card, will you get the money back? The answer to this question is yes but the chances are very less. From online shopping to every payment, credit cards are used. The preference of using these cards is that it makes the wallets lighter. Many a time it happens that your card gets lost and some other person misuses your card.

Misuse of credit cards
Misuse of credit cards

Here are some ways to keep your credit cards safely:

  • Keep your unused cards in separate place with safety.

Nowadays people keep multiple cards in their wallet but when it comes to theft then it becomes very difficult to make any purchase. You never get a new card sanctioned in a couple of days, so keep your cards safely.

  • Signing at backside of your card

This is one of the easiest ways of keeping your card secured. This will help to prevent the misuse of your card when stolen.

One must always check their credit card statements on a regular basis. If any of the unfamiliar purchase entry is seen, then take an action to get it returned back in your account.

  • Buying identify theft insurance

The use of identity theft has become very common these days. This will help you to be safe from the identity stealing by some person who can misuse your credit card. You can also choose the card protection plans offered by many of the banks like Axis, HDFC, and ICICI.

All the above information’s will surely help you to safely use your credit cards. Never ignore the protections relating to your credit and debit cards as it can lead to huge losses in future.