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What Not to Forget In Planning a Wedding

A wedding comes with many questions that need to be answered, many choices that need to be taken and many people to satisfy at once. Because of the constant hassle that happens before a wedding, a bride often forgets important things like great contemporary wedding photography. However small a detail may seem, it is the details that make all the difference in organizing a big event such as a wedding and if you want great photography in London then these photographers are the best in London and the South East.

Your-Perfect-Wedding-700You will surely not forget to make appointments for the wedding dress, but you might miss other small things in the hurry that seems to drag you from one place to another in no time.

We’ve made a small list with what not to forget in planning a wedding, as it will make it easier for you to take care of everything.


You won’t be able to direct your guests to the place where the ceremony takes place or to the place where the party takes place. You and your spouse will be busy with other things and you will simply not be able to do that. To make sure that your guests don’t get lost along the way, make sure you send them the exact red-flower-love-desktop-wallpaper-1680x1050location and if possible a map to help them get there. On the location, create signage for every important place. This will help them much more than you staying outside and directing them.


These are those small gifts that every one of your guest should receive as a Thank you for coming to your wedding. Sometimes, these are overlooked, but it’s quite important to have them on the table. Take your time and go to special stores or do some yourself. There are countless of small DIY projects for favors, that you will surely find something beautiful and appealing to satisfy everyone’s preferences.


Don’t forget to place the family near you and your friends near the dancing scene. The wedding planner alone doesn’t know the dynamics of your families, relatives and friends, and you need to take care of this. You and your spouse surely know who gets along with whom, and who is whose friend and so on. Make sure you talk to your wedding planner about it, and don’t leave it up to him or her to seat your guests.

Escort Cards

While talking about seats and places, make sure that you have escorts cards placed for each seat. This will be a wonderful way to direct your guests to their right location. The wedding planner will surely have staff personnel who will guide them to their table, but an escort card will make them feel special and appreciated for coming to your wedding.

Wishes Cards

These are another matter altogether, as this will allow you to know each individual’s wishes for you and your spouse. There are different cards available, but choose one that fits the pattern of your wedding. Each guest will be able to write you a special wish for the days to come, and you will be able to keep them for the years to come.

The Lighting

This is very special, as this will help you more than just to see in the dark. You can choose beautiful SK78565bwchandeliers or candles to light each table for your guests. Today’s wedding designers can create beautiful arrangements with a bowl of water, diving flowers and floating candles. It’s only a small details but it will surely impress everyone.

The Professional Wedding Photographer

This is the last but not least, as this person will be the one to capture all those beautiful other details presented until now. You want to have a beautiful wedding and you want to have proof of it for the years to come. The wishes cards, or the guest book or the snapshots that your family took will never be enough to reveal the beauty of that day. Because of this, it’s best to hire the services of a professional wedding photographer who has experience, expertise and skills for offering the best services.

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