What is E Hookah?

What Exactly Is An Electronic Hookah?

EHookahPenGirlMost of us have heard of e-cigarettes, which are simple battery powered sticks that allows smokers to substitute water vapor for actual smoke, providing their nicotine fix, without the worry of tar clogging up their lungs. Not quite so widely known is the e hookah, similar in concept, but far better since you can obtain all the hookah flavors.

While many have tried the e hookah and given favorable comments, there are still many wondering if it really works, if it’s right for them, if they’ll enjoy it, etc. With that thought, listed below are few pros and cons that may help you make a more informed decision.

The E Hookah Pro List

No Tobacco – That’s a big plus for many, no need to worry about the harmful side effects of tobacco, all you’ll be getting is the vapor, flavoring and nicotine (if you choose a flavor that contains it).

No Tar – That’s a big plus, you can inhale the vapor, enjoy the flavor, but sine there is no tobacco involved, tar is no longer something you need worry about.

Re-Chargeable – vs. Battery Operated – E Hookah comes in two varieties, re-chargeable and disposable. That’s your choice of course, but the re-chargeable hookahs maintain a long charge and can easily be topped off before use. That plus the fact you aren’t constantly tossing them has made the recharable the best choice for many. There are more disposable e hookahs to choose from, as the re-chargeable variety are only now becoming more widely available.

Of course there’s no cleaning needed for the disposable variety (you’ll be tossing them) so that’s something you’ll need to consider.

Lighting Coals will no longer be a bother, since they are battery operated; getting them started is pretty easy and straight forward.

Both varieties are easy to travel with since they are only about as large as a cigarette, but unlike a cigarette they can be used anywhere since no actual smoke is produced. That’s not to say when you light up at the beach or park, you won’t get a suspicious look, but just smile, you’re not breaking any laws.

The E Hookah Con List

It’s not the real thing, there’s no getting around that. And even though you can get the nicotine (if desired), part of the joy of an actual hookah is the process, fellowship and smoke session.

The electric hookah is more expensive, normally between $6 and $7 each, but take the time for some comparison shopping and you can likely find them priced less.

While they can be shared, you’ll need to fill thelm more often and the batteries will drain quicker, but it’s a small price to pay for the camaraderie.

Decisions – Decisions

Whether or not you choose to try an e hookah may be a personal choice, but here are my thoughts.

1. They are perfect for people who travel frequently

2. They can help you quit smoking (you’d choose the non-nicotine variety) and the multiple flavor choices could be a plus

3. They are likely to improve the e hookah technology and certainly increase the number of flavors involved

4. They are far less harmful than cigarette smoke

There is no doubt that people are more concerned about their health and cigarette has declined drastically as people become more aware, so e hookahs could be a very favorable alternative. There are over 600 legally allowed additive that big tobacco can add to their cigarettes, those are some pretty alarming statistics and for me, not something I want to be breathing.

This is in strong comparison to hookah tobacco (called shisha and pronounced: shee-shuh), which only has a few natural ingredients, most normally glycerin, honey, sugar and natural flavorings. Effectively that means that hookah tobacco has 506 less additives than big tobacco might utilize in cigarettes. This is certainly something that should be considered when deciding whether or not to try an E hookah for the first time.

All in all, I think it would be well worth your time and money to give them a try. They are fun, easy to use and certainly healthier. And no matter what anyone says, our health is the greatest treasure and should be preserved in any manner that we can.